Tie-Dye Designs

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This term, all of the children in Year 2 have created some tie-dye t-shirts in their design and technology lessons. 
In their geography lessons, the children have been learning more about the continent of Africa.  They used this new knowledge to influence their designs.  The children thought about African patterns and colours that they could use and some even included beads or fringing.
After the lesson, Lyla-Mae said "I really enjoyed decorating my t-shirt.  I did squiggles with my pen to make the t-shirt look more interesting.”  Tilly added, "I enjoyed putting the different coloured beads onto the string and tying them onto the t-shirt.  I thought the beads improved my design.”

Congratulations to the following children for winning an achievement award at Tuesday’s assembly.

Year 1:  Kalvin Woodward
Year 2:  Reuben Croft
Year 3:  Evie-Mae Hudson
Year 4:  Owen Cregg
Year 5:  Archie Hickling
Year 6:  Lucas Slater