Our Fundraising

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Last week, the children in Year 5 held a fundraising event to support the Hemsworth Food Pantry.
The charity has been set up to support local residents who are struggling from the effects of Covid-19.  In class, the children have been learning about how different charities support people all over the world.  They have studied in detail the role of Christian Aid before thinking how they can help others.
Leah said, “It is important to fundraise for people at Christmas who are stuck indoors and can’t actually get to the shops to buy food.”  Jacob added, “We now know that Christian Aid was set up at the end of World War Two.  Today, the charity helps people who have been affected by a natural disaster.”

Congratulations to the following children for winning an achievement award at Tuesday’s assembly.

Year 1:   Poppy Evans
Year 2:   Maci-Jay Wain
Year 3:   Holly Camponi
Year 4:   Riley Dickinson
Year 5:   Lucy Walker 
Year 6:   Archie Wynard