Match of the Day

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This term, the children in Year 6 are having the chance to continue to work with the Leeds United Foundation by taking part in a special after-school club.
As well as improving their football skills, the children are learning how to improve their English skills.  They have been reading biographies of famous footballers.  The group has also watched video clips from games that have been played this season to write their own football reports.
After one of the sessions, Ayva, said, “In my report, I have used words such as dexterously which is a better word for skillfully.” Dawson added, “We learnt about using relative clauses in Year 5.  I now know a new way of putting one of these in my report using two adjectives with and.” 

Congratulations to the following children for winning an achievement award at Tuesday’s assembly.

Year 1:  Aliza Petch
Year 2:  Ella Louise Turner
Year 3:  Brodie Britton
Year 4:  Amelia Horton
Year 5:  Cody Hinks
Year 6:  Lacey Thomson