Down on the Farm

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Last Thursday, the children in our Lower Foundation Stage got the opportunity to meet lots of animals as part of their “Down on the Farm” topic.
In different enclosures outside the classroom, the children had the chance to look at a goat, a donkey, a sheepdog, a chicken and even an alpaca! They also looked at and touched some fleece before it was made into wool as well as brushing Dominic the donkey!
Afterwards, Eva said, “I enjoyed looking at the sheep.  You can make hats from the wool of a sheep.” Back in the classroom, the children have been learning the names of different animals.  Keira said, “I know that a female sheep is called the ewe and a male chicken is called a rooster!”

Congratulations to the following children for winning an achievement award at Tuesday’s assembly.

Year 1:  Billy Olbison
Year 2:  Oliver Todhunter
Year 3:  Karol Malinowski
Year 4:  Tommy Wheatcroft
Year 5:  Ayva Smith
Year 6:  Arians Kalnins