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    • 19 December 2019

      Sketch Up!

      This half-term, the children in Year 6 have been using a 3D modelling program called Sketch Up to improve how they present information on the computer.This half-term, the children in Year 6 have been using a 3D modelling …

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    • 13 December 2019

      WW2 Time Travellers

      Recently, the children in Year 6 went back in time to find out what life was like at school during World War Two. The children visited Armley Mills in Leeds and took part in lots of activities that children would have done during …

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    • 03 December 2019

      Crazy Challenges

      Last week, children from Year 6 went on an adventurous trip to Robinwood where they conquered their fears and learnt lots of new skills! During the visit, the children did challenges which meant they had to take risks as well …

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    • 28 November 2019

      Keyboard Kids

      This term, the children in Year 5 have been learning how to play the keyboard with increasing accuracy and fluency during their music lessons. The children intially learnt the acronym "FACE” which helped them …

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    • 22 November 2019

      The Great Debate

      Last week, all of our children took part in a whole-class debate, organised by the School Council, to discuss an issue linked to animal welfare. Some of the debates the classes took part in were, "Should all zoos in …

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    • 15 November 2019

      The Festival of Light

      Last week, the children in Upper Foundation had a special party to learn more about and celebrate Diwali - the festival of light. The children have enjoyed taking part in the different activities through the week. They have …

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    • 07 November 2019

      Great Fire Of London

      Recently, Year 2 visited the Emergency Services Museum in Sheffield to develop their understanding of The Great Fire of London. The children took part in a workshop to find out how the people of London tried to extinguish the …

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    • 23 October 2019

      Sound Detectives

      This term, the children in our Lower Foundation Stage have been working hard to improve their phonics skills. The children have been developing their awareness of sounds made by different instruments.  The children …

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    • 18 October 2019

      School of Rock

      This year, some of our children in Year 5 are having a special lesson from a peripatetic music teacher where they are learning how to play the guitar. Initially, the teacher showed the children how to hold the guitar at a slant …

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    • 10 October 2019

      Sports Data Analysts

      This term, the children in Years 3 and 4 are having the chance to continue to work with the Leeds United Foundation by taking part in a special after-school club. As well as improving their football skills, the children are …

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    • 02 October 2019

      Star Baker

      This week, the children in Year 6 had a visit from Warburtons to help them understand the process of making bread. The children learnt all about the history of Warburtons and even considered what job they might want to have if …

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    • 27 September 2019

      Junior Leadership Team

      This week, the academy’s newly formed Junior Leadership Team had their first meeting of the term. The team has been set up to give our children more of a voice when deciding how to improve the teaching and learning that …

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    • 20 September 2019

      Word of the Month

      Last week, the children found out the school’s new “word of the month” which has been introduced to further develop our children’s language. In the assembly, Mr. Wood asked the children what they …

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    • 13 September 2019

      Exploring Artefacts

      This week, the children in Year 6 have had the opportunity to explore a number of religious artefacts linked to Judaism. The class got to look at different artefacts, such as a menorah and a seder plate, and discussed what it …

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    • 18 July 2019

      Taking a Dip!

      Last week, the children in Year 2 visited a nature reserve to find out more about the plants and animals that live in our British habitats. During their science lessons, the children have been learning how living things are …

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    • 10 July 2019

      A Grand Design!

      This half-term, some children in Year 5 have been working hard to develop the outside area in our Foundation Stage during a design and technology club. First, the children came up with an eye-catching design to a new magical …

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    • 03 July 2019

      A Teddy Bear's Picnic

      Last week in our Upper Foundation Stage, the children were invited to bring in their favourite teddy bear to help launch our teddy bear topic. The children and their bears took part in lots of p-awesome …

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    • 25 June 2019

      Down In The Garden

      This half-term, after reading Jack and the Beanstalk, the children in our Lower Foundation Stage have been growing their own beanstalks. The children have been learning about the life cycle of a seed and have found out what …

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    • 21 June 2019

      The Great Gurdwara

      This week, the children in Year 3 got the chance to visit a gurdwara to learn more about this special place of worship. Before the tour began, the children took off their shoes and washed their hands to respect the Sikh …

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    • 14 June 2019

      Mars Rover Mission

      This week, the Year 5 children have been learning about what scientists are doing in order to discover life on the planet Mars. Using a book called “Curiosity”, the children learnt about how a Mars rover was …

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