External Accreditations

Basic Skills Quality Mark

In March 2019, West End Academy achieved the Basic Skills Quality Mark Award for a second time.

The award celebrates the constant improvement of children’s work in English and maths. The award recognises how a school has improved its performance and provision over a period of time and how this improvement is reflected in the children’s results at the end of Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

Over the last three years, the school has continued to develop our pupils’ ability to assess their own attainment and progress so that it helps them to identify next steps in learning.  The report states, “Pupils in Key stage 2 can now very confidently articulate their next steps. Critical thinking is now prevalent across Key stage 2.”

The school has also worked hard to develop the children’s use and application of grammar, punctuation and spelling to improve the quality of pupils' writing within all subjects in the curriculum.  The assessor found that, “Since the last visit, the school have worked hard on raising the profile of English and mathematics across the whole curriculum. As a result, the standard of pupil’s work is much improved. Pupils articulate why it’s important to be good writers in all other subjects.”

You can read the full report, which outlines the work the school has done towards basic skills over the last three years, here>


Investors in Pupils

In March 2018, West End Academy has, once again, successfully achieved and maintained the ‘Investors in Pupils’ accreditation. The award celebrates our continued commitment to creating a positive learning culture enabling our pupils to successfully contribute to our school community.  

Over the last three years, everyone has been working hard to not only uphold the areas of outstanding practice previously identified but also to address any areas for development. Because of this, our youngest children now have School Council representation, governors have greater involvement in school life and the children’s financial awareness has been successfully extended.

An extract from the Investors in Pupils re-assessment report recognising this work can be seen below.

"The school undoubtedly has an abundance of happy and enthusiastic pupils within an environment that actively encourages pupil participation and the enrichment of their experiences. The warm, friendly atmosphere was especially impressive and relationships were an obvious strength. Morale was high and there was an admirable determination to support the children, whatever their needs."

You can read the full report here >

More information about what the school did to acheive the award can be found here >


International School Award

In May 2017, West End Academy was awarded the Foundation level of the International School Award.  The award acknowledges the hard work that the school has undertaken in order to develop our children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development over the last two years.   An extract from a letter sent from the British Council recognising this work can be seen below.

“It is clear that the Academy has embraced the need to prepare children for being citizens by helping them to develop perspectives, partly through some wide ranging whole school and classroom activities, but by looking near and far for connections and inspiration. From “Lila and the secret of the rain” to refugee crises, through role models such as Michelle Obama and Malala Yousafzai and in the neighbouring yet very different communities of Bradford, an appropriate curriculum is being forged by staff and pupils alike. West End Academy can now look ahead with confidence to the next step on its international journey.  Well done!”