Mr C Johnson Headteacher (Responsibility for teaching, learning and assessment)
Mr D Wood Deputy Headteacher (Responsibility for teaching and learning. Maths and history leader)
Miss R Close Year 6 Teacher (Computing leader)
Mr S Jackson Year 4 Teacher (PE leader)
Mr D Wood Year 3 Teacher (See above)
Miss L Fidler Year 2 Teacher (Member of the Senior Leadership Team. Responsibility for personal development, behaviour and welfare. SENCo leader and science leader)
Miss S Lancaster Year 1 Teacher (Music leader)
Miss A Lodge Upper Foundation Teacher (Design and Technology leader)
Mr R Blagg Lower Foundation Teacher
Mrs J Storey Specialist teacher of Art and MFL (Art and French leader)
Mrs D Johnson Teacher (Member of the Senior Leadership Team. English leader and RE leader)
Mrs D Parkin Nursery Nurse
Mrs B Butterfield Nursery Nurse
Mrs A Whitelam ICT Technician (HLTA)
Mrs S Beaumont Education Support Assistant (HLTA)
Mrs A Gittins Education Support Assistant (HLTA)
Mrs J Fletcher Educational Support Assistant
Mrs V Pawson Educational Support Assistant
Mrs D Ward Educational Support Assistant
Mrs W Moore Educational Support Assistant
Mrs S Philp Educational Support Assistant
Mr D Outram Educational Support Assistant
Mrs J Harper Educational Support Assistant
Miss B Graham Educational Support Assistant
Mrs K Shaw Office Manager
Mr B McGowan Site Manager
Mrs D Norbury Education Support and Senior Midday Supervisor
Mrs D Ward Midday Supervisor
Miss A Ward Midday Supervisor
Mrs D Brown Midday Supervisor
Miss K Whitfield Midday Supervisor
Mrs L Stanley Midday Supervisor
Ms C Smith Midday Supervisor
Miss C Easton Midday Supervisor
Mrs H Burbeary Midday Supervisor
Mr C Houghton Lunchtime Playleader