PE & Sports Premium


West End Academy recognises that all pupils, regardless of their background, should have equal access to a curriculum which will enable them to reach their potential. The sports funding premium is a government initiative that targets extra money to all pupils and all schools.  The government are not dictating how schools should spend this money, but are clear that schools will need to employ the strategies that they know will support these pupils to increase their active participation in sports. Schools must spend the additional funding on improving their provision of PE and sport, but they will have the freedom to choose how they do this.


During the last financial year, West End Academy spent the majority of the money it received on developing the role of the sports leader.  The sports leader was responsible in setting up activities at lunchtime which encouraged children to take part in different sports (handball, circuit training and field athletics).  These sessions proved very successful with more children active at lunchtime.  55% of our children regularly took part in activities that were set up by the sports leader each week.  This figure has continued to rise year-on-year.

The sports money was also used to bring professional sports coaches to school to enhance the PE curriculum.  Last year, coaches from Castleford Tigers delivered rugby league sessions at the school.  A specialist coach also taught seated volleyball, goalball and boccia to our Year 4 children. This helped our children have a better understanding of disability sports.

Some money was used last year for a group of Year 6 children to complete the Young Leaders Award through their work with the Leeds United Foundation.   The children developed their leadership skills and were able to come up with new ideas to run PE sessions at lunchtime.  These activities raised the rates of physical activity for our children in Key Stage 2.

The amount of children who took part in after-school clubs across Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 increased last year.  55% of children took part in an enrichment activity last year compared to 41% the previous year. These clubs were often set up to deliver high-quality training in preparation for local sports competitions.  Here are some quotes to support the work that we have completed.

Leighton said, “I really enjoyed competing against other hockey teams at a higher level and seeing if we can continue to work well as a team to succeed.”

Coen added, “It was amazing to have the chance to watch an actual game at Leeds United as I have never been before.  There were so many people watching and the crowd was so loud at least until Reading scored.” 

Bailey and Charlie agreed, “It is good to get the chance to play a new sport.  We have been learning how to tackle by tagging people and I am getting much better at this since we started.  I have enjoyed working with a professional rugby coach.  We even played a mini game to show the new skills that we have learnt.”


This financial year, West End Academy has received £17,700. Click here to see  our intentions of how we are going to spend the money along with our proposed outcomes.