Viking Visitor

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Recently, the children in Year 3 had a special visitor from Wakefield Museum to help them learn more about the Viking invasion.
The woman, who was dressed as a Viking, showed the children some special artefacts from a burial. The class also looked at maps to find Viking settlements that ended in “thorpe”, “toft” of “by”.  Finally, the children played a Viking game called Tablut and tried to beat the visitor!
Afterwards, Corey said, “I enjoyed looking at the maps and finding out that Grimethorpe, which is close to Hemsworth, would have been a Viking settlement.  I also liked playing the game as I was able to get to my opponent’s base by trapping them.”  Edited by Corey Attwood  

Congratulations to the following children for winning an achievement award at Tuesday’s assembly.

Year 1:   Oliver Todhunter
Year 2:   Whitney-Mai Carter
Year 3:   Leah Copeland
Year 4:   Kayla Brooke
Year 5:   McKenzie Barrass
Year 6:   Bethney Burbeary