Dino on the Loose

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This week, the children in Year 1 had a very special visit from Sophie the Tyrannosaurus Rex as part of the work they are doing about dinosaurs.
The children got the opportunity to get really close to Sophie and many of them even touched her.  The children learnt that Sophie was only seven years old but, even though she wasn’t much older than them, she was certainly a lot bigger than them.
After the visit, Archie said, “I liked looking at Jack, the baby dinosaur, as it had been biting the man that brought him.  Everyone shuffled away when they saw the bigger dinosaur!” Evie-Mae added, “I liked using the brushes to find some dinosaur fossils, such as a huge skull, in the workshop”.

Congratulations to the following children for winning an achievement award at Tuesday’s assembly.

Year 1:  Lennon Parsons
Year 2:  Katie-Lea Brooke
Year 3:  Cody Hinks
Year 4:  Harley-Jaye Western 
Year 5:  Marshall Johnson
Year 6:  Logan Slater