Challenge Club!

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This half-term, the children in Lower Key Stage Two have had the chance to improve their problem solving skills by taking part in Challenge Club!
The children played Tumble Trees and Chair Stack where they had to work together to build a model without parts of it falling over.  They also had to solve a puzzle called Club 2%, where they had to use their logic and reasoning to answer difficult word problems.
Ellie-Mae said, “It was fun to work together in order to solve the problems. Some games also linked to what we have done in maths.” Isabelle added, “Every week it is challenging and really gets you thinking.”  Written by Caitlin Campbell and Coen-Chase Whitehead

Congratulations to the following children for winning an achievement award at Tuesday’s assembly.

Year 1:   Tia-Jae Waldron
Year 2:   Toby Evans
Year 3:   Teyla Lawson
Year 4:   Destiny Palmer
Year 5:   Danika Jones
Year 6:   Bradley Sutcliffe