Surviving the Stone Age

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Recently, our Year 3 children had a special visitor from the Wakefield Museum to help them learn more about the Stone Age.
First, the children took part in a timeline activity where they placed historical periods, including the Stone Age, in chronological order.  Then, the children looked at artefacts from the Stone Age, such as leather, wool and flint, and tried to work out how it would have been used a long time ago.
Brandon said, “Flint was the most important material in the Stone Age as it was used to hunt for food, open things and they could protect themselves with it.”  Leah added, "We looked at the different types of arrowheads and how they were adapted to improve the capture of animals.”

Congratulations to the following children for winning an achievement award at Tuesday’s assembly.

Year 1:   Willow Easingwood-Evans
Year 2:   Mia Helliwell
Year 3:   Ivy Wynard 
Year 4:   Maisie Gourlay
Year 5:   Stuart Heppinstall
Year 6:   Emily Moxon-Webley