Life as a Superhero!

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Last Friday, the children in our Upper Foundation Stage held a special day to celebrate the work they have been doing on superheroes!
At the start of the day, the children had been left a message from Evil Pea, a character from a book they had been reading, in a block of ice.  The children had to work out how they could read the message as well as solving lots of problems like a real superhero would do.
Afterwards, Harris said, "I liked getting a message from Evil Pea as he is a character from the Supertato story.” Brodie added, "We enjoyed looking for clues outside and we found a treasure map on the garden gate to help us find out about a surprise party at the end of the day.”

Congratulations to the following children for winning an achievement award at Tuesday’s assembly.

Year 1:
Year 2:   Isla-Mai Mills
Year 3:   Lucas Slater
Year 4:   Mia-Mae Barker
Year 5:   Darcie Whitehall
Year 6:  Billy Burton