The Journey

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This week, to celebrate World Book Day, the children looked at a book called “The Journey” and took part in lots of different activities about the story.
During the morning’s assembly, the children found out that the book had no words in it.  Therefore, they had to try and work out what was happening in the story and why.  Some children acted out what could happen whilst others added music to the pictures.
Afterwards, Joshua said, “It was difficult to work out what was happening in the book at times but we used our imagination to come up with a conversation!”  Holly added, “I really enjoyed watching everyone share their work in the second assembly.  The writing was really impressive!”

Congratulations to the following children for winning an achievement award at Tuesday’s assembly.

Year 1:   Nina Bainbridge 
Year 2:   Cody Hinks 
Year 3:   Eliza Gorton
Year 4:   Caitlin Campbell 
Year 5:   Mollie Brown
Year 6:   Keira Taylor