Budget Busters

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This term, the children have been learning more about the school budget in preparation for the school’s reassessment of the Investors in Pupils Award.
During maths lessons, some children have been finding out how much resources cost and solving problems when working out how much each class could spend.  Other children have found out how much money the school is given and how it is spent each year.  
After a lesson in Year 2, Alfie said, “We looked at the prices of all the essential items we need in class and it came to a total of £8.84 for each child.”  Danika, in Year 5, added, “We found out that the school is given nearly one million pounds each year by the government.”

Congratulations to the following children for winning an achievement award at Tuesday’s assembly.

Year 1:   Ethan Goodwin
Year 2:   Ethan Barker
Year 3:   Holly Ainsworth
Year 4:   Stuart Heppinstall 
Year 5:   Amelia Mooney 
Year 6:   Jess Best