Magical Magna!

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Last week, the children in Year 2 visited Magna to learn more about the different ways of travel and how it has changed over time.
The children watched a video which showed the earliest attempts of flying and some of these weren’t very successful! They also had the opportunity to see how a rocket could be fired into the air by playing a game. The children also learnt about the history of the museum.
Afterwards, Annie said, “In one of the zones, we saw a fire tornado.  In class, we are learning about how heat can help a hot air balloon travel.”  Jessica added, “We are looking forward to describing what it would be like to ride in a hot air balloon in one of our writing lessons.”   

Congratulations to the following children for winning an achievement award at Tuesday’s assembly.


Year 1:   Mia Helliwell
Year 2:   Jacob Hawksworth
Year 3:   Jack Backhouse
Year 4:   Connor Wellings
Year 5:   Ryder King
Year 6:   Katie Easton