The Sleepy Shepherd


    The children in our Lower Foundation Stage have been learning about the Christmas story and performed their nativity this week!
    The children, joined by those in our Upper Foundation, acted out a play called “The Sleepy Shepherd”.  In the performance, the shepherd struggled to stay awake until a call from an angel convinced him to visit Bethlehem.  When he arrived, he saw baby Jesus for the first time!
    After reading the Christmas story, Frazier said, “My favourite characters were the three wise men as they brought gifts for the baby.”  Mr Blagg, the class teacher, added, “The children recalled the story really well and have a great understanding of the real meaning of Christmas!”

    Congratulations to the following children for winning an achievement award at Tuesday’s assembly.

    Year 1:   Whitney-Mai Carter
    Year 2:   Jessica Watkins
    Year 3:   Kayla Brooke
    Year 4:   Hope Richardson
    Year 5:   Logan Slater
    Year 6:   Morgan Lane