Promoting Fair Trade

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This week, shoppers in our local Tesco store have been voting for their favourite “Fair Trade” poster that our children in Year 6 have designed.
The children have been looking at the benefits of fair trade in their geography lessons. They learnt that fair trade farmers get paid more which supports their communities.
The posters included pictures to show why shoppers should buy fair trade products. 
Afterwards, Billy said, “I enjoyed looking at all the competition winners’ work in the store and it was great to see fair trade products being advertised.” Cammi added, “I enjoyed making the poster as it will help others around the world if people are more aware of fair trade products.”

Congratulations to the following children for winning an achievement award at Tuesday’s assembly.

Year 1:  Isla-Mai Mills
Year 2:  Holly Ainsworth
Year 3:  Harry Yates
Year 4:  Leeaarna Morton
Year 5:  Olivia Jones
Year 6:  Megan Gourlay