Mastering Maths

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Recently, one of our governors visited the school to find out more about how we are using “Quick 5” to boost the progress that our children make in their maths lessons.
Every Friday, children in Key Stage 2 take part in Quick 5 lessons where the children answer five questions that they might have found hard in the past.  This allows the teacher to support the children on using their prior learning in order to solve mathematical problems.
Ellie-Mae said, "It helps our understanding of maths as the lesson helps us remember what we have done over the past few weeks and even last term.”  Mrs Booth, the governor, added, "I liked how the children had feedback straight away on what they could and couldn’t remember.”

Congratulations to the following children for winning an achievement award at Tuesday’s assembly.

Year 1:  Maci-Jay Wain
Year 2:  Alans Kalnins
Year 3:  Ebony Hardman
Year 4:  Maddison Dwyer
Year 5:  Lola Edwards
Year 6:  Brooklyn Calvert