Mars Rover Mission

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This week, the Year 5 children have been learning about what scientists are doing in order to discover life on the planet Mars.
Using a book called “Curiosity”, the children learnt about how a Mars rover was made.  They looked at the features which kept the machine safe during the launch. The children also watched a live feed from a Jet Propulsion Lab in NASA where they could see another Mars rover, called Rover 2020, being built.
Marshall said, "A lot of the materials used to make space buggies are rare.  The Mars rover has a plutonium battery.”  Keal added, "Some space buggies took panoramas of the rocky lansdacpe around its landing site.  I also make panoramas on my iPad at home.”

Congratulations to the following children for winning an achievement award at Tuesday’s assembly.

Year 1: Jensen-Jai Wood
Year 2:  Amelia Horton
Year 3:  Teegan Hopkins
Year 4:  Seth Booth
Year 5:  Ellie-Mae Thomson
Year 6:  Evelyn Callaghan