Marvellous Maths

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This week, the children in Year 6 had their maths lesson outside in order to help them solve some difficult problems.
The children were comparing and classifying geometric shapes based on their properties.  By using materials from the wilderness, they started to learn more about how lines can intersect each other.  This allowed children to investigate how many possible intersections could be made.
During the lesson, Danika said, "I think that each time you add a new line, the amount of intersections increases by two because I am starting to see a pattern.”  Connor added, "The lesson allowed us to be more creative outside. It was good to use the resources in different ways.”

Congratulations to the following children for winning an achievement award at Tuesday’s assembly.

Year 1:  Sonny Raikes 
Year 2:  Daisy Whiteman
Year 3:  Caitlin Clarkson
Year 4:  Oliver Salter
Year 5:  Macauley Wood
Year 6:  Lewis Jones