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    • 20 December 2018

      A Year of Language

      To celebrate Waterton Academy Trust’s “Year of Language”, our Upper Foundation Stage children have been using their role play ideas to improve their writing. After reading the story, "The Snail …

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    • 14 December 2018

      Young Leaders Award

      Over the last ten weeks, some children in Year 6 have been working towards the Young Leaders Award run by the Leeds United Foundation. The children have looked closely at eight different elements of leadership and …

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    • 07 December 2018

      A Helping Hand

      Last week, our School Council planned activities and events to help develop the children’s understanding of mental health. All the children had special lessons in the classroom where they learnt more about small …

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    • 29 November 2018

      Alien Invasion

      Last Monday, the children in our Lower Foundation Stage had a huge surprise when an alien landed in their reading corner. As the children were listening to a story, flashing lights magically appeared. Not long after, Q …

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    • 22 November 2018

      Fossil Hunters

      Last week, the children in Year 1 visited the Yorkshire Museum and took part in a special workshop all about dinosaurs! The children learnt about the process of fossilisation which takes place over thousands of …

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    • 13 November 2018

      Our Dream Jobs

      In a special assembly on Monday, the Junior Leadership Team (JLT) interviewed Sarah East, a mechanical engineer from KOSTAL UK Ltd. The JLT has been thinking about the different types of jobs that our children would aspire …

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    • 07 November 2018

      Viking Visitor

      Recently, the children in Year 3 had a special visitor from Wakefield Museum to help them learn more about the Viking invasion. The woman, who was dressed as a Viking, showed the children some special artefacts from a burial. …

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    • 25 October 2018

      Follow Your Dreams

      Last week, our children took part in a special assembly which looked at how disability shouldn’t be seen as a barrier to achievement. The children learnt more about famous people, such as Evelyn Glennie and John …

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    • 19 October 2018

      Inspiring Artists

      This week, the children in Year 5 visited the Yorkshire Sculpture Park to help them get a better understanding of different statues.   In art lessons, the children have been exploring statutes and sculptures from …

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    • 12 October 2018

      Wicked Workout

      This week, all the children have had the chance to take part in circuit training at lunchtime which was organised by the school’s lunchtime sports leader. The children have taken part in short, ten minute activities …

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    • 04 October 2018

      Dino on the Loose

      This week, the children in Year 1 had a very special visit from Sophie the Tyrannosaurus Rex as part of the work they are doing about dinosaurs. The children got the opportunity to get really close to Sophie and many of them even …

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    • 28 September 2018

      Leading The Way

      This half-term, the Year 6 children are taking part in a special PE lesson each week led by the Leeds United Foundation.   The children are learning how to become a better sports leader.  They are taking part in …

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    • 21 September 2018

      Our Voice

      This week, our new School Council held their first meeting to discuss the priorities for the forthcoming year. Children in every class recently voted for who they would like to represent them on the School Council.  In …

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    • 14 September 2018

      Prize Winners

      This week, we found out that two of our Year 6 girls had won prizes in the International Women in Engineering drawing competition. The children had entered the competition, for anyone aged between 8 and 11, after they had …

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    • 19 July 2018

      Dear Mr. Gove

      This week, the children in Year 4 have been writing to Michael Gove, the Secretary of State for the Environment, to express their concerns about plastic pollution. Initially, Mr. Jackson found lots of plastic on the …

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    • 12 July 2018

      Perfect Presentation

      This week, the School Council hosted a very special morning to share all the work they have done to achieve the Investors in Pupils award for a second time. Senior leaders from schools across West Yorkshire came to the …

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    • 06 July 2018

      JLT Take The Lead

      This week, the Junior Leadership team held a special whole-school assembly to remind all the children about the importance of our British values. The children decided that they wanted to plan an assembly linked to liberty …

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    • 29 June 2018

      Investigative Science

      This week, the children in Year 1 have started to conduct a science investigation linked to their topic on animals. The children received a letter from the National Wildlife Federation explaining that, after visiting lots …

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    • 21 June 2018

      Girls, It's Time To Shine

      This week, some girls in Year 5 have been celebrating International Women in Engineering Day. The children have been learning more about the exciting opportunities that girls can have in the engineering industry.  …

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    • 14 June 2018

      The Rainbow Factory

      Last week, the children in our Upper Foundation Stage visited The Rainbow Factory as part of the work they had been doing on fairy tales. The children went on a magical adventure and had the opportunity to find out more about a …

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