• 21 December 2017

      The Sleepy Shepherd

      The children in our Lower Foundation Stage have been learning about the Christmas story and performed their nativity this week! The children, joined by those in our Upper Foundation, acted out a play called “The …

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    • 14 December 2017

      Viking Explorers

      Recently, the children in Year 3 visited the JORVIK Viking Centre to learn more about the famous explorers that they have been studying in class. The children took part in an excavation workshop where they had to dig to …

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    • 07 December 2017

      Marching on Together

      Last Friday, a football report written by McKenzie Barrass, a child in Year 4, was printed in the official Leeds United match day programme. Some of the children in Years 3 and 4 have been working with the Leeds United …

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    • 01 December 2017

      Karate Kids

      This half-term, the children in Years 5 and 6 have had the opportunity to learn new martial art skills with a trained instructor in an after-school club. The children have been learning the rituals of karate each week such as …

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    • 24 November 2017

      Speak Out...Stay Safe

      This term, the School Council has held special assemblies and events to help all the children in the academy have a better understanding of staying safe. At one meeting, the School Council looked at ways to improve the …

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    • 17 November 2017

      Ancient Artefacts

      This week, a special visitor from the Discovery Centre showed the children in Year 4 a range of ancient Egyptian artefacts that were kept at the museum in Leeds. The children learnt lots of information about the artefacts …

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    • 09 November 2017

      A Time to Remember

      The children in Year 6 have recently visited the war memorial garden in Hemsworth as part of the work they have been doing on World War Two and to celebrate Remembrance Day. The class had the opportunity to reflect and think …

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    • 02 November 2017

      Stars of the Stage

      Last half-term, the children in Years 3 and 4 had the opportunity to learn new drama skills in an after-school club led by a specialist teacher from a local theatre company. The children created elaborate stories in a group …

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    • 19 October 2017

      Dinosaur Safari

      This half-term, the children in Year 1 have been on the lookout for a dinosaur as part of their work in the role-play area. The children have been searching for clues to locate the dinosaur.  They have found eggs, fossils …

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    • 13 October 2017

      Junior Leadership Team

      This week the children received letters to inform them who would be members of the academy’s newly formed Junior Leadership Team. The team has been set up to give our children more of a voice when deciding how to improve …

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    • 05 October 2017

      Premier League Stars

      This term, some of our children in Years 3 and 4 are working with the Leeds United Foundation as part of the Premier League Primary stars initiative. The children have learnt new skills, such as passing and dribbling, and …

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    • 28 September 2017

      Commotion on the Ocean

      This term, the children in the Upper Foundation Stage are learning all about life in our oceans around the world. The children have entered the submarine that has been built in the middle of the classroom. They have looked …

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    • 21 September 2017

      Fantastic Fieldwork

      Last week, the children in Year 6 took their geography lesson outside and completed some fieldwork. The children walked around Hemsworth to look at the different ways that the land is used and has been built on. The children …

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    • 15 September 2017

      International Award

      Recently, the academy has been awarded the Foundation level of the International School Award. The award recognises the work that the school has done to promote our children’s understanding of different cultures, …

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    • 14 July 2017

      University Challenge

      Last week, the children in Year 6 visited York University as part of the Shine Project so that they could learn more about life in higher education. The children met different student ambassadors and found out about their …

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    • 07 July 2017

      Promoting Fair Trade

      This week, shoppers in our local Tesco store have been voting for their favourite “Fair Trade” poster that our children in Year 6 have designed. The children have been looking at the benefits of fair trade in …

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    • 30 June 2017

      Reach for the Stars

      Last week, the children in Year 5 had the opportunity to go inside a mobile planetarium and find out more information about our amazing universe. Inside, the children looked at a screen which covered the roof.  Then, …

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    • 23 June 2017

      Saving Our Water!

      Last week, the children in Year 4 visited the Yorkshire Water Education Centre to learn more about the water cycle that they have been studying in science. The children looked at an interactive wall which showed the …

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    • 16 June 2017

      Voting Matters

      Last week, most of our children took part in their own general election where they got the chance to vote for the political party they thought could most improve school. The children in Year 6 formed their own parties and came …

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    • 09 June 2017

      Spelling B-E-E

      Before half-term, four children from Years 5 and 6 took part in our Spelling Bee grand final in an attempt to be crowned the overall winner of the competition. In the last round, the four finalists had to take part in a series of …

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