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    • 24 March 2017

      Printed Poems

      This week, some of the children in Year 1 received special books as a reward for winning a Young Writers competition. Inside the book, the children found their own animal poem that they had written in class alongside work from …

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    • 17 March 2017

      Challenging Puzzles

      Last Friday, the Happy Puzzle Company visited the academy to further develop our children’s ability to work in groups in order to solve tricky puzzles. The children worked with other children that they don’t …

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    • 10 March 2017

      Lila and the Secret of Rain

      Last Thursday, all the children in the school celebrated World Book Day by doing different activities from a book called “Lila and the Secret of Rain”. The children in Year 6 looked at why girls all over the …

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    • 03 March 2017

      Buddhist Life

      Recently, the children in Year 5 visited Kadampa Buddhist Centre in Keighley to learn more about the religion that they have been studying in the classroom. The children visited the meditation room and saw statues of Buddha …

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