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    • 16 December 2016

      Crazy Challenges!

      Recently, some of the Year 6 class went on a three-day trip to Robinwood where they took part in lots of crazy team building activities! During the visit, the children did challenges which meant they had to take risks as well as …

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    • 09 December 2016

      Our Fundraising

      Yesterday, the children in Year 5 had a fundraising day to raise money for Oxfam after a representative had visited them in class. Throughout the day, the class held activities to raise money.  The children sold …

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    • 02 December 2016

      Hitting the Target

      Last half-term, Year 6 won the school attendance award and recently were awarded some money to spend on a new classroom resource. The children decided to buy new resources that they could use in their outdoor PE lessons. The …

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    • 25 November 2016

      Ancient Artefacts

      Recently, the children from Year 4 had a special visitor from the Leeds Museum who showed the children Ancient Egyptian artefacts. The children had been studying about Ancient Egypt in their history lessons.  The …

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    • 18 November 2016

      Festival of Light

      Last week, the children in Upper Foundation had a special party to learn more about and celebrate Diwali - the festival of light. Before the party, the children made diva lamps.  They made these to make a path for Rama and …

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    • 11 November 2016

      Viking Visit

      Last week, the children in Year 3 had an exciting theme day where a special visitor taught the children more about Viking life. Wagner the Viking taught the class how to use a shield and a spear in order to protect our body …

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    • 04 November 2016

      Helping Humanity

      This week, the children in Year 5 had a visit from an Oxfam representative who spoke to the class about how the charity helps other people. In their RE lessons, the children have been learning more about poverty and how …

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    • 21 October 2016

      Runaway Success

      Last Friday, three children from our Year 3 class finished in the top ten of their cross- country race held at De Lacey Academy in Knottingley. Hundreds of children, from different schools in Wakefield, took part in races for …

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    • 14 October 2016

      Ready Steady Cook!

      Last Friday, the children took part in a special “Ready Steady Cook” assembly as the whole school celebrated the Harvest Festival. After looking at all the donated food items, two children had to work out what …

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    • 07 October 2016

      Harvest Hunt!

      This week, the children in Lower Foundation (Nursery) went outside into our wilderness area to search for signs of autumn. As part of the work on knowledge and understanding of the world, the children have been searching in …

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    • 30 September 2016

      Respecting Religions

      This week, the Year 6 children had a visit from a member of the Sinai Synagogue in Leeds to learn more about Judaism. The Jewish visitor shared lots of artefacts and pictures that are important to her. The children even got to …

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    • 23 September 2016

      Tweet all about it!

      This week, Year 3 had a special message on Twitter from the six-time Olympic gold medalist, Sir Chris Hoy. The children have just started reading their new class novel, “Flying Fergus:  The Best Birthday …

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    • 16 September 2016

      Happy Birthday Dahl

      This week, we have been celebrating the 100th birthday of Roald Dahl, the famous children’s writer. Roald Dahl was an amazing writer so, for homework, the children had to try and find out the most amazing fact about …

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